plugging the gap     

Image by Kayla Gibson


A.F.M Charcoal has had extensive expertise and experience in West Africa spanning over 30 years and has been distributing to the UK market since it was incorporated in the UK in November 2018. We pride ourselves in directly importing the best and finest of West Africa's ethically manufactured charcoal from our production plants and we supply the full range of restaurant, catering and barbecue grade charcoal.


Our Charcoal is made from thick forests in the inter-land of Africa.
We pride our source from replaceable tree management and we can guarantee its reliability as fuel that is

non sparkling, lights quickly, burns consistently and lasts so long. Its durable mechanism is derived from its hard nature

and good, high quality processing.

The production is consistently well sorted and packed here at our Sussex warehouse without dirt, dust and pebbles. The moisture content is very
low and it produces minimal ashes. 

We receive containers all year round and as such have large inventory of our variety to ensure that we can meet our customers' demands. We offer a personalised service to meet each customer's specific needs and ensure a consistency in efficiency, quality and exceptional customer service.

A.F.M ethos and philosophy is ensuring that we plug the gaps in the market, whilst ensuring we meet all customer needs - whether it be a garden barbecue or a big supermarket chain and we have a hands-on approach in all we do